What Does Your Eye Color Say About You?


The eyes have often been said to be windows to the soul. A particular characteristic of the eyes that make reading into a person so easy is the eye color. The color of a person’s eye is due to genes as well as how much melanin the eyes have. The iris also contributes to the color by controlling how much light passes through the eye.

We will now discuss what the various eye colors reveal about different personality types.

Dark brown


This eye color is the most common worldwide with almost 55% of people having it. People with brown eyes may put up a tough exterior but their eyes betray how soft and kind they really are. They are known to be fantastic lovers due to their tendency to go all out to ensure that their loved ones are pleased and happy. They are also mentally and physically fit.

Green eye color


Green eye color is rarely found in the world. People with this eye color give off a stubborn aura and seem like they easily run away. But, they in fact adapt easily to situations and fight for what they want. Their eyes also reveal the deep passion and mystery in their soul. They also have a knack for winning where others have failed due to their quick decisive thinking.

Blue eye color


This is the second most common in the world. Blue eyed people are known to handle pain a lot better than other eye colors. They also possess amazing stamina.

Black eye color


People with this eye color are very dependable, trustworthy and responsible particularly when it comes to their friends. They have high tolerance for pressure and are rarely swayed by hard times. However, it would be a mistake to think they are boring; they can light a party up.

Light eyes-Light green, light blue or light grey eyes

These light eye colored people are like a ray of light when it comes to comforting others during difficult times. They are cheerful, loving and have terrific sex appeal. Their good looks and winning personality makes them party favourites.

Hazel eye color


The color Hazel is a rare one for eyes. People with this eye color are a complete package. They are sensitive, trustworthy and loyal. They have incredible physical strength and prowess. They also know just the right time to go for what they want.

Grey eye color


People who are grey eyes are occasionally burdened with inner emotional struggles and they don’t often make logical choices. Yet, despite what they go through, they still come out on top.

Regardless of popular opinion or scientific opinion, every single of us is special no matter the eye color we possess. We have our flaws, strengths, quirks and abilities. Though we have no hand in the features nature blesses us with, we do have the power to make the best of our existence and create an amazing life for ourselves.

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