11 Most Expensive Foods in the World


The phrase “expensive food” means different things to different people. Nonetheless, there are a whole array of food dishes/ products that are priced so unimaginably high.

Let’s look at some of them …

11. Matsutake Mushrooms


These mushrooms go for as high as $600 for a kilogram due to their extreme rarity. They are native to Japan but grow in various other Asian countries as well. But their number has majorly reduced as a result of insect attack and tree growth invasion into where the mushrooms grow. And because these Matsutake mushrooms have no way to be cultivated, it’s highly likely they would become completely extinct in the future.

Source: japanguidebook.com

10. Kopi Luwak Coffee


The cost of this coffee fluctuates between $250 to $1,200 per kilogram. It is known as the highest costing coffee in the world and its manufactured in The Philippines, Southern India and Indonesia.

Source: nationalgeographic.com

9. White Pearl Albino Caviar


This caviar costs €8,500 ($9,100) per kilo. The price of this Caspian Sea sturgeon is so expensive that its eggs are rarely bought unless they have reached about 100 years old.

Source: cnbc.com

8. Swallows’ Nest Soup


The cost of this meal is about $3,000 for a kilogram. It is a Chinese delicacy cooked with  the nest of swallows. These nests are made almost completely from the birds’ saliva. This dish is so pricey as a result of how risky it is to collect the nests (swallows build their nests on high cliffs).

Source: naturalnews.com

7. Saffron


This seasoning costs between $400 to $1,000 per kilogram. It costs so high because Saffron grows for just seven days in a year and to make up a kilo of saffron requires hand picking 300,000 flowers.

Source: foodfacts.mercola.com

6. White Truffles


A kilo of white truffles costs about €2,000 ($2,100). Their high prices is due to the special conditions necessary for their growth, collection and preservation. They also have excellent aroma and taste amazing.

Source: content.time.com

5. Ayam Cemani Black Chicken


A single Ayam Cemani chick costs about $200 in Indonesia and thousands of dollars in other countries. However, this bird is rarely exported due to bird flu spread possibility. But on the other hand, in Malaysia the Ayam Cemani is so easily found that its price is almost the same as the normal chicken.

Source: greenfirefarms.com

4. Japanese Wagyu Steaks


Wagyu Steaks are made from Japanese beef. One kilo of this Japanese beef can go for as high as $450. This type of beef has a renown buttery texture and fantastic aroma. It also has the second highest score for marbling. The bull calves that produce this beef are given beer and massages. They are even played classical music.

Source: beefcentral.com

3. Dry-Cured Iberian Ham


A kilogram of this dry-cured ham goes for as much as €365 ($392).Made in Spain, the Jamón Ibérico is the most costly type of ham worldwide. The Iberian pig is given solely acorns to eat and expansive areas are provided for their grazing.

Source: ibericosmaldonado.com

2. Moose Cheese


This cheese costs about €1,000 ($1,074) for a kilo. The moose cheese is one of the priciest worldwide and it is produced (in limited amounts) in just one place – The Moose House Farm in Sweden. This cheese is white colored and bears resemblance to the feta cheese.

Source: cheeserank.com

1. Banana


Top of this list goes to the Banana. The  masterpieces made of out this fruit by artist Stephan Brusche are truly incredible. It is art that you must enjoy before it goes rotten.
Artist Stephan Brusche has become famous for making unique masterpieces out of this particular fruit. This is art that you really should enjoy before it rots away.

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